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Krakow Project Team

Project Team (2017-present)

Mark Olson, Christine Liu, Alan Carrillo, Cosimo Monteleone, and Paul Jaskot on site in Kraków in 2019.
  • Alan Carrillo (Duke): Historical Research, Visualization
  • Davide Contiero (Padua): Visualization
  • Eve Duffy (Duke): Historical Research, Data Processing, Analysis
  • Hannah Jacobs (Duke): Data Structure, Project Management, Visualization
  • Paul Jaskot (Duke): Historical Research, Data Entry, Visualization, Analysis
  • Sunny Gao (Duke): Web Design & Content Management
  • Isabella Lafferty (Duke): Historical Research, Database Work
  • Christine Liu (Duke): Visualization, Historical Research
  • Antonio LoPiano (Duke): Data Processing, Visualization
  • Cosimo Monteleone (Padua): Visualization, Analysis
  • Mark Olson (Duke): Data Structure, Interoperability, Visualization
  • Luca Rossi (Padua): Visualization
  • Bryan Rusch (Duke): Data Entry, Visualization
  • Sadie Sheridan (Duke): Photo analysis, Visualization, Historical Research
  • Victoria Szabo (Duke): Historical Research, VR-AR development
  • Tatjana Zimbelius-Klem (Duke): Historical Research, Digital Mapping

Holocaust Ghettos Historical GIS Project Team Leaders

Project Leader (PI): Anne Kelly Knowles (Maine)

Co-Pis: Paul Jaskot (Duke), Anika Walke (Washington University)